Ballymurphy Celtic 0 - 2 Killeshin FC

Referee: TBC

Ballymurphy Celtic are defeated by Killeshin FC.
Ballymurphy Celtic were beaten at home by Killeshin FC at Ballymurphy at 2:30 pm

This is the first game for both teams in this competition

Scorers: (Killeshin FC) Michael Dooley, Dylan Williamson

Ballymurphy Celtic v Killeshin FC
U17 cup 12/02 14:30
Ballymurphy Celtic 0 - 2 Killeshin FC

Ballymurphy 0

Killeshin 2

League champions Killeshin travelled all the way to Ballymurphy as they started their campaign to win the double. Ballymurphy were determined to cause a shock, but it wasn’t to be as the league winners set up a thrilling semi-final against league runners up Hanover. Both teams started well in a cold day in Ballymurphy. The pitch conditions could not let both teams play along the ground. It was Killeshin who scored first with an over-the-top ball by Dylan Williamson to Michael Dooley who finished well in the 25th minute. Killeshin kept up the pressure and found another goal when Ryan Harrington made a great run down the wing and played it back to Dylan Williamson who fired home a volley into the top right-hand corner. The game finished 2-0 to Killeshin with a great fight by Ballymurphy in the second half. Best players from Killeshin were Darragh Byrne, Killian Barry and Dylan Williamson.

26/02/2022 20:38
This competition head to head
12/02/22 2:30 pmBallymurphy Celtic02Killeshin FCBallymurphy

Club Fixture History
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25/02/23 2:30 pmKilleshin FC31Ballymurphy CelticJF Sports Youths League Division One 2022/23
30/10/22 11 amBallymurphy Celtic13Killeshin FCNationalist Premier Division 2022/23
15/10/22 2:30 pmBallymurphy Celtic31Killeshin FCJF Sports Youths League Division One 2022/23
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27/02/22 11 amBallymurphy Celtic23Killeshin FCNationalist Premier Division 2021/22
12/02/22 2:30 pmKilleshin FC30Ballymurphy CelticJF Sports Under 19 league 2021/22
11/12/21 2:30 pmBallymurphy Celtic14Killeshin FCJF Sports Under 17 League 2021/22
05/12/21 11 amKilleshin FC80Ballymurphy CelticNationalist Premier Division 2021/22
23/10/21 2:30 pmKilleshin FC100Ballymurphy CelticJF Sports Under 17 League 2021/22
02/10/21 2:30 pmBallymurphy Celtic33Killeshin FCJF Sports Under 19 league 2021/22
22/08/21 11 amKilleshin FC51Ballymurphy CelticKCLR Carlow Shield
02/02/20 2 pmBallymurphy Celtic11Killeshin FCThe Coffee Lady Womens League
17/11/19 2 pmKilleshin FC02Ballymurphy CelticThe Coffee Lady Womens League
10/11/19 11 amKilleshin FC60Ballymurphy CelticNationalist Premier Division
08/09/19 11 amBallymurphy Celtic63Killeshin FCKCLR Carlow Shield Round 1
06/01/19 11 amBallymurphy Celtic32Killeshin FCNationalist Premier Division
18/11/18 11 amKilleshin FC12Ballymurphy CelticNationalist Premier Division
14/01/18 11 amKilleshin FC20Ballymurphy CelticNationalist Premier Division
17/09/17 11 amBallymurphy Celtic21Killeshin FCNationalist Premier Division

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Referee Statistics

Ballymurphy CelticKilleshin FC
Jack Foley
Michael Joyce
Tiernan Byrne
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Chris Fitzgerald1
Cody Nolan
Dylan Williamson1
Evan Askins
James Comerford3
Michael Dooley1
Ryan Harrington1
Tommy Hutton1
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