Killeshin FC 3 - 0 Hanover Harps

Killeshin FC beat Hanover Harps.
League leaders Killeshin FC won 3-0 against their visitors, 2nd placed Hanover Harps at Scats Quakers Park, Killeshin at 2:30 pm

Killeshin FC are currently on a winning streak of 11 games.They have yet to be beaten at home.
Form: W W W W W W W W W W W L W W L W

Hanover Harps
Form: W W D L W W W W W W W W W W W L

Scorers: (Killeshin FC) Kyle Kehoe,Aaron Power,Ben Slattery

Killeshin FC v Hanover Harps
U17 League 15/01 14:30
Killeshin FC 3 - 0 Hanover Harps
This win for Killeshin means any three teams from Killeshin, Hanover and Burrin Celtic can win the league with all three having destiny in their own hands and whichever can win their remaining three games wins the league. Both teams started well in Killeshin with Hanover kicking from left to right. The first ten minutes were back and forward both teams easing into the game. In the 30 minute it was Killeshin who scored first with a good switch of play from Cialan Brady to Kyle Kehoe whose shot was deflected into the net. It finished 1-0 to Killeshin at half time. Killeshin started strong again with a great over the fop ball which fell to Josh Brady who flicked it past the keeper to Ben Slattery who fired home Killeshin’s second goal. Hanover kept pushing and were getting on top but just couldn't find a goal. In the 85th minute a long kickout from Michael Gaffney fell to Aaron Power 1v1 who headed the goal home. The game finished three nil to Killeshin who are now level with Burrin and Hanover at the top with all three sides dropping just 6 points all season. Best players from Killeshin were Ben Slattery Cialan Brady and Kyle Kehoe. On a below par team performance by Hanover best was Pol Casas.
30/01/2022 19:47
Current League Position
1Killeshin FC16140273205342
2Hanover Harps16131264174740

This competition head to head
09/10/21 2:30 pmHanover Harps51Killeshin FCThe Plots (Hanover Harps)
15/01/22 2:30 pmKilleshin FC30Hanover HarpsScats Quakers Park, Killeshin

Club Fixture History
19/03/23 11 amKilleshin FC53Hanover HarpsNationalist Premier Division 2022/23
28/01/23 2:30 pmHanover Harps51Killeshin FCJF Sports Youths League Division One 2022/23
09/10/22 11 amHanover Harps04Killeshin FCNationalist Premier Division 2022/23
24/09/22 2:30 pmKilleshin FC24Hanover HarpsJF Sports Youths League Division One 2022/23
05/03/22 2:30 pmHanover Harps11Killeshin FCPaul Kirwan Memorial youths u17 Cup
19/02/22 2:30 pmKilleshin FC12Hanover HarpsJF Sports Under 19 league 2021/22
16/01/22 11 amKilleshin FC22Hanover HarpsNationalist Premier Division 2021/22
23/10/21 2:30 pmHanover Harps33Killeshin FCJF Sports Under 19 league 2021/22
17/10/21 11 amHanover Harps11Killeshin FCNationalist Premier Division 2021/22
07/03/20 2:30 pmKilleshin FC25Hanover HarpsJF Sports Youths League
19/01/20 12 pmHanover Harps23Killeshin FCNationalist Premier Division
30/11/19 2:30 pmHanover Harps25Killeshin FCJF Sports Youths League
17/11/19 11 amKilleshin FC12Hanover HarpsNationalist Premier Division
20/10/19 11 amHanover Harps80Killeshin FCThe Coffee Lady Womens League
24/03/19 2 pmHanover Harps30Killeshin FCNationalist Premier Division
09/12/18 11 amKilleshin FC13Hanover HarpsNationalist Premier Division
22/04/18 11 amHanover Harps45Killeshin FCKeating Memorial Premier Cup
17/12/17 11 amHanover Harps31Killeshin FCNationalist Premier Division
12/11/17 11 amKilleshin FC22Hanover HarpsNationalist Premier Division

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Referee Statistics

Killeshin FCHanover Harps
Aaron Power4
Ben Slattery3
Chris Fitzgerald1
Cialan Brady8
Ciaran Fitzgerald1
Cody Nolan
Dylan Williamson8
Emmanual Almeida
Gift Bobo1
Jack Hynes
James Comerford4
James Ingram24
Josh Brady11
JP Kelly
Kyle Holden5
Kyle Kehoe4
Tobi Salimon1
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Abdul Mateen Olatilewa1
Andrew Vint3
Ben McCarron1
Ben Smyth
Cian Ray3
Cillian Byrne
Harry Brown3
John Phiri4
Killian Comiskey1
Mark O'Brien3
Matthew Callinan4
Nicolas Perdrian1
Olumide Adetoro
Pol Casas Serra1
Ray Darlington7
Scott Dooley11
Scott Dunne13
Stephen Bayley1
Vivien Nixon1
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