LFA Senior Cup 2022/23

Competition:7073  Match:990698  CDFL

New Oak Boys 1 - 0 Kilbarrack United

New Oak Boys take all points from Kilbarrack United.
New Oak Boys marginally won 1-0 against their visitors, Kilbarrack United at Burrin Rd Carlow (New Oak Boys) at 2 pm

New Oak Boys has yet to be beaten in this competition, having won 2 out of its last 3 games.
Form: D W W

Kilbarrack United has yet to win in this competition.
Form: L

Current League Position
Last 32   Last 16   Quarter Final   Semi Final   Final
New Oak Boys
New Oak Boys win 7-6 after pens.
Killester Donnycarney Fc
    @P1-16 @S1-16
@P3-32 @S3-32   @P2-16 @S2-16
@P4-32 @S4-32       @P1-QF @S1-QF  
@P5-32 @S5-32   @P2-QF @S2-QF
@P6-32 @S6-32     @P3-16 @S3-16
@P7-32 @S7-32 @P4-16 @S4-16
@P8-32 @S8-32   @P1-SF @S1-SF
@P9-32 @S9-32   @P2-SF @S2-SF
@P10-32 @S10-32 @P5-16 @S5-16
@P11-32 @S11-32 @P6-16 @S6-16
@P12-32 @S12-32   @P3-QF @S3-QF
@P13-32 @S13-32       @P4-QF @S4-QF
@P14-32 @S14-32 @P7-16 @S7-16
@P15-32 @S15-32   @P8-16 @S8-16  
@P16-32 @S16-32       @P1-F @S1-F
@P17-32 @S17-32       @P2-F @S2-F
@P18-32 @S18-32     @P9-16 @S9-16  
@P19-32 @S19-32   @P10-16 @S10-16  
@P20-32 @S20-32       @P5-QF @S5-QF  
@P21-32 @S21-32     @P6-QF @S6-QF
@P22-32 @S22-32     @P11-16 @S11-16
@P23-32 @S23-32   @P12-16 @S12-16  
@P24-32 @S24-32       @P3-SF @S3-SF
@P25-32 @S25-32       @P4-SF @S4-SF  
@P26-32 @S26-32     @P13-16 @S13-16  
@P27-32 @S27-32   @P14-16 @S14-16  
@P28-32 @S28-32       @P7-QF @S7-QF
@P29-32 @S29-32       @P8-QF @S8-QF  
@P30-32 @S30-32     @P15-16 @S15-16
@P31-32 @S31-32   @P16-16 @S16-16  
@P32-32 @S32-32  

1New Oak Boys22006426
3Kilbarrack United100101-10

This competition head to head
02/10/22 2 pmNew Oak Boys10Kilbarrack UnitedBurrin Rd Carlow (New Oak Boys)

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New Oak Boys
30/10/22 2 pmNew Oak Boys22Killester Donnycarney Fc
02/10/22 2 pmNew Oak Boys10Kilbarrack United
11/09/22 1:30 pmTrim Celtic45New Oak Boys
Kilbarrack United
02/10/22 2 pmNew Oak Boys10Kilbarrack United
Referee Statistics
Pat O' Connor2311517449

New Oak BoysKilbarrack United